the RPG story

Like most things of any importance, RPG started out as a necessity and morphed into a fun and fascinating world of expression, color, and technology. (Not necessarily in that order.)  We began in the retail business, and in order for our business to grow, we needed to build an e-commerce website that would generate revenues equal to store revenues which it did at one point.  The use of live models to display clothing taught us the art of fashion photography which allowed us the luxury of adding a large photographic studio to the arsenal of success with a long list of experienced talent to draw from.

Adding additional staff and equipment to the studio, we produced nearly one million images of models showing products from clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

Some of our clients and friends were business owners themselves who needed websites and product images and so “RPG” was established to provide the additional services of website development, photography and graphic design to those business owners.

The retail store eventually closed but RPG continued building relationships and business contacts around the midwest to this day.

To add SEO to our list of services we became Google Certified and graduated from a marketing academy in Austin, Texas where we have traveled many times for continued education and training.

So here we are.  Ready to help you find the magic you need in your business and marketing life.

RPG was established in 2006

Yes, we’re thirteen years old and have seen too many changes to know that more changes are coming when it comes to technology and the web.

2 awards won (Best of Madison)

We built the website for Dream House Dream Kitchens that won an award for imagery and then the company won an ward the same year for best kitchen designers.  RPG does all the photography, magazine ads, brochures, press releases and we write the blogs for Dream House Dream Kitchens.

The company has won so many awards I lost track of them but can honestly say that the competition is a distant second behind regardless of awards.

2 employees

RPG is a small business skilled in a few things that we do really well that are important to you.  Taking on one project at a time and giving you full attention along the way and we only work for small businesses or start-ups.

advanced coding

The days of Dreamweaver for small businesses is gone so our main skill is setting up theme-based sites that are affordable and then marketing them so your return on investment is substantial.