What is Google Panda and why do I care to know about it?

by James McCarthy 2019/02/20

I get asked this question enough to write about it since Google is the largest search engine in the world so it's important to know what Google Panda is and why everyone who manages a website should pay attention. All Google wants is for everyone to publish content that is the "best of it's kind" so you can answer a users questions when they search for something.  When you answer the questions you rise in the search rankings.  If you don't publish the best of its kind then you will drop in the search rankings.  Simple right?

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Tell a story with your ads, and then add a twist …!

by James McCarthy 2019/02/12

I live in the creative right side of my brain and if you put music inside my head it would sound like the orchestra is tuning up minutes before the conductor raises his arms to begin.  Kind of messy but you know it's heading somewhere.

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Be different, please . . . !

by James McCarthy 2019/02/11

Far too often we run into a business owner who sees the success of another and then they want to copy the formula that made the other guy successful. That’s not a bad idea – in theory, but it becomes transparent and predictable in the long run. There’s a couple of reasons why this happens...

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Make your site crebidle

by James McCarthy 2019/02/10 0

Did anyone notice the typo in the title? I intentionally wrote it that way because there are so many ways to improve your website and one of the most important ways is to use proper English and fix all your typos.

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Raise the level of expectation…

by James McCarthy 2019/02/06

For the past year I've been listening to business owners tell me that their business is in a slump because they're advertising isn't working or they have stopped advertising completely to save money during this lingering and pesky recession. Seriously? Do they really think that way?

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