People attract people!

by James McCarthy 2019/02/04 0

When it comes to marketing (and self promotion) very few people throughout history have done a better job than P.T. Barnum.

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Curiosity killed the cat – what cat?

by James McCarthy 2019/02/03 0

I was recently talking with a complete stranger regarding his website and marketing needs for a specific campaign ...

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The pendulum of change. . .

by James McCarthy 2019/02/01

The increase in “overall” website traffic in 2013 was unlike any other year before it. Amazon had a 76% increase in traffic and sales with many other larger websites showing 30-40% increases in traffic and sales. How can this be?

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The PPC hungry bear. . .

by James McCarthy 2019/01/29

Old joke: Two hikers are in the woods and they come face-to-face with a hungry grizzly bear. They decide to make a break for it...

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“Permission to fail, General … !” “Granted!”

by James McCarthy 2019/01/05

Can you imagine what a guy like General Patton would have done if someone had said that to him? I'm sure the response would have been colorful.

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