Great images start with your eye

2019/01/01 Creative

Our clients ask us all the time how we create great images for the internet and their websites.  Well, that’s easy!  Practice!  Practice!  Practice! How was that for an answer?  In reality, it’s not all that easy.  But to answer the question you first have to have an eye for the subject matter.  Picasso didn’t paint with his hands, he painted with his mind.  His hands just held the brush.  Photography is no different but teaching people to see things differently is a completely different matter.  We try to avoid the sea of sameness.

paige-imgI’ve photographed hundreds of fashion models taking close to a million images.  Shooting fashion models for your e-commerce website is all about capturing the look and the feel of the woman wearing the outfit.  Some women are fashion models and some are not but every pretty girl at one point in her life was told that she should be a model.  Some women have it and some don’t.  It’s all in the features.  I have seen women walk through our studio and you wouldn’t really think too much about them.  They have a look but it’s not earth-shattering.  But when you see them on camera they look AMAZING!  They smolder, they ooze sex appeal, and the camera loves them.  Go figure.  Some women are drop dead gorgeous standing in front of you but take a lousy picture, every time.

If you’re on vacation and you just want to have some fun doing nothing take your camera and snap away.  Your pictures will be great and you can look back at them and laugh and remember the day for a long time.  But, when you teach yourself to see things differently, suddenly the picture you’re about to take has a completely different meaning. The colors are brighter and your purpose changes.  Your surroundings are pulled into the image where before you would wait for someone to get out of the way.  The foreground has meaning as well as the background and the subject isn’t posing, but captured.  The story and sequence become alive.  Click!  And by the way, all of this happens within an instant if you see the world differently.

I was on a fishing trip in Idaho a few years back and we were driving to a little restaurant for dinner when I looked out the window and saw this old pale yellow tractor in the middle of a weed laden field.  The farm was old and broken down and the sky was grey and the light was late in the day.  Stop the car!  I got out climbed the fence completely trespassing and walked to the tractor and snapped a few pictures at a close-up range.  Back in the car.  My two fishing companions looked at me like I was crazy.  I know nothing about tractors and have no special interest in them.  I just saw a great photo out of the corner of my eye that I could see enlarged in my mind and hanging in a beautiful frame in my living room. I wondered how old this thing was and when was the last time anyone at the farm drove it.  This picture will tell a story without saying a single word if you see the world differently.

When I got home I processed the image and made into a Lomo style image.  Over saturated colors, artsy, gritty and all sorts of things build a great Lomo style photo.

Which leads me to another point just because you take a picture doesn’t mean you’re done.  You just started!

Our clients depend on us to keep their customers interested and we use photography and words to keep their customers coming back, and they do all the time.  We have added a ton of equipment to our arsenal over the years and we don’t look at any of those items as an expense – we look at them as another tool to inspire.  We never stop learning new techniques and we pass that knowledge on to our clients free of charge. So, if you want to be a great photographer teach yourself that it isn’t about having the best equipment it’s about seeing everything differently.

RPG staff.