Me love you long time. . .

2018/12/29 Creative

Yes, this was a sleazy headline-grabbing ploy to get you to take the next step and now that you’re here, you probably feel a little cheated.  I’m sorry but shame on you for thinking, well, you know!  This article has very little to do with the title but the underlining message started on the whiteboard was to “love the old folks because they’ve been around a long time.”  After seeing that, our thoughts went straight into the gutter and we got a little crazy.  Still not buying the connection?  Alright, forget it because it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ conversations to really understand how we came up with this weeks marketing topic.

We want you to love the old folks and whenever possible you should target this customer because this is a demographic that has money and they’re spending more and more of it online.  If this is your customer then you should win big with them, . . . if you’re smart that is because the old folks need love too!

From all indications, people 45+ are the only people that have any money left over from the economic tornado that cut a global swath of misery for the past two years and from all reports listed for 2016, they’re spending their money online, and not just with Amazon.  Finally. . . !

Personally, I’m tired of hearing and writing about Amazon and the power they have with just about everyone who looks for anything online and I’m anxious to report that businesses other than Amazon have made some headway.  Especially in the home repair and remodel categories as well as furnishings, clothing, footwear, and electronics.  Sure you can buy all this stuff on Amazon but these folks don’t always do that.  They find what they like and they buy it when they see it.

Your job as a business is to reach the older folks and create an environment for them that makes them feel happy and secure.  The one thing people of this demographic worry about more then anything is giving their credit card information to a website that doesn’t look credible.  They have no problem handing their card to the young tattooed overly pierced waiter at Tony’s Pizza who disappears for a few minutes and then brings it back for you to sign, but adding the numbers to a checkout page gives them the heeby-jeebies.

Most smaller retailers need to step it up as far as marketing to this demographic and don’t stop talking to them after the sale is made.  Send them a nice note, a card, or a coupon towards their next purchase.  RPG does this for many clients and it works!  You have to remember that this age group still does things the “old way” and they like the touchy-feely aspect of human interaction when they shop and they love to feel like their getting a deal.  They don’t do the comparison shopping thing like the younger generation.  Like I mentioned earlier; if they like they buy it and the more you can give them what they need to help them make that decision the better off you’ll be.

Just give them a little love and you’ll keep them for a long time.

RPG staff