The rut of old ideas. . . Ugh!

2018/12/10 Creative

burkah cartoonNever assume that other people make decisions using the same criteria you use. Everyone sees things differently and I hate to say this but it’s often true that everyone sees things wrong, too.  A product comes in two sizes. A 10 ounce package costs a dollar. A 40 ounce package costs 2 dollars. Half the people will buy the 10 ounce package because it’s cheaper. The other half will buy the 40 ounce package because it’s cheaper.  What?  Yes it’s true.

As a marketing school graduate my problem isn’t knowing or understanding marketing, I get that and I’ve been getting that for years.  My problem is convincing clients to listen to new ideas.  NEW IDEAS!  Say it with me friends.  Say it as often as you like and then take action.  I cannot for the life of me convince some clients to look at their business and try to find new ways of doing it.  The same old thing is just that.  The same old thing!  When that stops working you have to do something else.  FAST. . . !  Stop spinning your wheels and get out of the rut you drove yourself into.

Last winter a snowstorm dumped 18″ of snow on our city.  What a beautiful mess it made.

It really made no difference to me at the time as I have an office at home and I went to work down the hall and to the right.  I was constantly interrupted by cars driving by and getting stuck in the road unable to move.  I don’t think these people realize just how much snow that really is.  Spinning their tires forever with no results.  This went on for sometime with one young woman in particular who was driving me crazy spinning her tires trying to move the car and going nowhere.  From how it sounded she must have thought that if she gassed it harder it would somehow make a difference.  I finally went out.  “I think it’s time to try something new while you still have some gas left. . . . Don’t you think?”

An email blast is dull and boring and the return rate is terrible but it’s easy to do and it’s fast.  You feel like you’re doing something but the world has changed now and email bores people and they despise it unless they’re driving then it’s the most important thing in the world.  I long for the day when email is gone and nobody uses it anymore.

Try something new, please!  It’s easy to grab the low hanging fruit.  Hell, everyone does that and right now the fruit has been picked over pretty good now.  Let’s see if you can stick your neck out up near the top of the tree where the air is thin but the rewards are great.  You’re on the edge way up there and guess what?  There’s all kinds of opportunities around you because you’re the only one up that high.  Try something new!  The best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself.  Don’t you think?

Don’t get stuck in a rut of old ideas or the same conventional thinking that you’re always right.  Find new ideas and embrace them and work them until they become old ideas and then try something new again.  Never stop testing.

RPG Staff