Time to be extraordinary!

2019/01/29 Articles

I want to meet the person who thought of this design and then sculpted it out of the sand on a beach. This is my kind of person and my kind of thinking. This is where we separate ourselves from the ordinary and step into the wonderful world of the extraordinary. After seeing this image I was so pleased with the idea that I scoured the Internet for more information on the who, what, when, where and why of this incredible sculpture – but found nothing. What I really wanted was time elapsed photography of this creation. That would have been cool!

All of us at RPG looked at the image and we began to analyze and study it. We can’t see the back of the sculpture so we’re unsure what that looks like but it really doesn’t matter. We get it! All of us then determined that the person is extremely talented but the idea and design is relatively simple – yet not really. This is very much like Picasso who took the simple and made it amazing. Remember, this is just sand!

“Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steelmaking.” ~ Richard Florida
Let’s take a look at how simple this work really is: A simple thought. A simple location. A simple use of abundant free material. A simple storyline. (Is that the hand of God?) A “relatively” simple physical task. (buckets of sand can be heavy after a while) A simple set of hand tools. A simple perspective. A simple camera. A simple sunny day or two is probably a stretch.

But in reality, the only difficult part of this sculpture is the execution and the time it took to make it. Time, talent, and some serious determination is what made this work extraordinary along with a commitment to finish it. I imagine this took a great deal of time to create but it was worth it. However, how do you know that the artist hasn’t done these sculptures before and is a master at it? He could be the person who does this kind of thing in his sleep. This could be his tenth sculpture in the sand. How can you make assumptions about the task without really knowing anything more than what you see? For me, this doesn’t matter. Even if this was the first time he or she ever did this and got lucky it’s still amazing. We discussed every possibility of this incredible work.

I see the Golden Gate Bridge and wonder all kinds of things about it while others just drive across it without giving it a second thought. The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, and that a river carved the Grand Canyon over a million years ago. There are a gazillion other things that took the time and determination to accomplish that amaze me every day. I love that about me. Those determined people had a commitment and were therefore passionate about the task at hand. You’ve heard the old saying that a chicken is involved in a ham-n-eggs breakfast but the pig is truly committed. There you have it.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” ~ Earl Nightingale

I love the sculpture pictured above and I can’t stop staring at it and if you’re like me, you can’t stop staring at it either. Some people would look at this and say it’s pretty cool and then move on. Others would ponder this work for hours. This is a powerful sculpture with real emotion. You can feel it and almost hear the subject grunting from the weight of the hand and see the strain on his brow. Even his cheek is kind of squished against his nose. Awesome!

Every project needs creative, determined and passionate people who will take you past ordinary and into the realm of extraordinary. Give those creative people room to run and let them go crazy with their ideas. Apply this to your business and remember that you should never market your business in an ordinary way and the ‘creatives’ know this.

If given the opportunity to choose between a really smart person or a determined person, who would you choose? Hmmmm! Good question! Below is some information that will help you decide.

“We learned quickly that the most important predictor of success is determination. At first, we thought intelligence. Everyone likes to believe that’s what makes startups succeed. It makes a better story than a company ‘won’ because its founders were so smart. The PR people and reporters who spread such stories will probably believe the story themselves. But while it certainly helps to be smart, it’s not the deciding factor. There are plenty of people as smart as Bill Gates who achieve nothing.” ~ Paul Graham Business Investor